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Computer forensics consists the application of investigation and analysis techniques in a way that makes the outcomes of a data collection (and preservation of evidence) from a computing device and the subsequent investigation and analysis suitable for use in a court of law. The goal of computer forensics is to carry out a structured investigation and analysis to determine what has happened with a computing device and who was responsible for whatever occurred, whilst respecting the principle of continuity of evidence.

Data analytics
Data analytics is a service which CFM can provide in the context of computer forensics engagements.

Continuity of evidence is paramount in a forensics investigation, in order to safeguard the admissibility of evidence in a court of law. The entire team therefore applies the ISO standard 27037. A sworn and court certified computer expert will be charged with finding digital traces of activity and submitting these to the court in the form of a report. Your data is securely stored in our computer forensics laboratory and protected against third party access. Our computer forensics team can protect you from potential attacks originating from the Internet.

Computerforensic, eDiscovery, cyberforensics, IT security, & more
Your computer forensics specialist from Vienna.

Computer and IT forensics deals with data collection and preservation from a variety of digital media. In general, a forensic analysis involves a statement of facts with regard to data and associated evidence, stored on the preserved media. The computer forensics expert analyses the media with special purpose software. During this analysis, the recovery of supposedly deleted data plays a key role. The IT security and cyber-forensics team is at your disposal if you’ve been hacked, or if you want to take preventive measures against hacking. Our team members have many years of experience in IT security. Use creative solutions such as Cloud services without regrets – we know how to.

Our competence for your success!

Our competencies reach from comprehensive security solutions to hardware/software independent consulting, security management assessments or audits and support for preparing court - presentations (e-Discovery).

On completion of the forensic analysis, findings are documented in a detailed report. Before a court of law, the findings can potentially be incriminating or exonerating. In the report, the computer forensics expert has the obligation to be completely impartial. With Computerforensic&More you can single-source your system and network security services.

We are your first point of contact for digital forensics, proving you with support for cases involving analysis of complex matters involving contract law, labour law, copyright and intellectual property.

We support and help you prepare for:

Computer forensic & more

• Mock dawn raids (house search/razzia)
• Cerfications (PCI/DSS)
• Support for BYOD solutions
• IP based video surveillance solutions
• Personal security and private investigations

Drafting of reports

• Drafting of reports concerning computer forensics and IT systems.
• Execution of IT security audits from a management perspective.
• Support for presentations in court, based on computer forensics.
• Recovery of damaged e-mail systems (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes etc.) or Raid systems.

Execution of firewall audits

• The e-Discovery solutions from Computerforensic & more offer secure web based access.
• Cyber forensics involves the analysis of systems after both internal or external compromise, including establishing findings and reporting on them.
• We offer you single sourcing for IT and IT security.
• Securing your own IT systems is the best solution to prevent unpleasant surprises.

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When computers and security are concerned, we are your source for one stop shopping. Computerforensic & more is your primary contact for computer and systems security. We are your single source for services ranging from ensuring evidence remains admissible in court to help when you have been hacked.

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